Which Underwear Is Best… The 3 Things From Research Women Need To Know

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Just changing your underwear can change your life. Unfortunately some never discover the difference…

I’m pretty sure that a question of which underwear is best for you have crossed minds of many women (and men) at some point in their lives. Aren’t you seek of squeezing yourself into tight synthetic undergarments to look good? I certainly am. And if you want to continue your week in your weekend comfies without sacrificing the looks, you are not alone either. A pair of perfect panties can make us feel at peace and help us be our attractive selves.

But little I knew when I started this journey to Perfect Panties! I knew that polyester and other synthetics were not good for me but what I found when I dug deep into the issue just blew my mind. All my problems suddenly made sense.

I’m going to share this here because these are the things you need to know before deciding which underwear is best for you.

The 3 Things You Need To Know Before Deciding Which Underwear Is Best For You



Learning those three things made me think about my undergarments in a very different way.
If initially I just wanted to create underpants without VPL so my butt can look good in pants, but after hours of research and extensive design process we ended up with a much better product.

Now if you allow me to introduce you to Perfect Panties, keep reading…

I want to share this because I wore nothing else other than passionately designed Moso Morrow undergarments in the last 12 months and they are truly life-changing. Here is why.


Since we are talking about underwear that is bad for you I can’t help it to show the opposite



When I think about which underwear is best for me, I certainly want it to be soft, healthy, look sexy and fun but also keep it a no show across my rear and free from digging into my body with straps, elastic and questionable textiles.

Because pieces like that are almost impossible to find we have put time and a lot of effort in designing perfectly hugging shapes, created unique artworks, tested wearability to ensure longer life span and made multiple adjustments to patterns. We also use only premium sustainable materials, highest grade quality prints and specially coated hardware that will last through a lot of washes. And we managed to eliminate 90% of elastic as compared with conventional styles everyone else sells.


Yes, I’m bragging because I’m proud and know how magic a perfect undergarment can be when you find one.


We created Perfect Panties with love, care and intention to help you be your comfortable playful self so that you can feel beautiful and attract more!


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For those keen to dive into research, here are some geeky sources on polyester, bamboo textiles and other things I found useful to understand what is not good and how to avoid it:

  1.  Microbial Odor Profile of Polyester and Cotton Study 
  2. The Top 6 Fabrics You Should Avoid Wearing from Body Ecology
  3. How Microfibres From Polyester Shed and How They Enter Your Systems
  4. The Danger of Microplastics and How they End Up in Your Body
  5. For complete nerds who want to know by how much bamboo fabrics are more comforting when it’s hot down there head to this study on its insulation properties, it will not disappoint