12months Underwear Gift Certificate


Petal-soft delicious-to-wear underwear deliveries for the next 12 months (4 deliveries quarterly)

Includes one set: 1x bralette + 1x perfect panties x 4 deliveries

The first set will be delivered on the date you requested, the following deliveries will arrive once a quarter. The recipient will receive a special code to select their preferred pieces on our website.

A perfect gift to remind about your kindness for the next 12 month

Upon purchase, we will contact you to arrange the details to ensure that your gift is perfect.

Click Here for Size Guide

Please follow the size guide as all garments are fitted to make you look best and flatter most without overstretching or fitting loose when size selection is true to the body measurements.

Some garment measurements (in a relaxed state) will appear when you make a size choice to give you a better idea of the length and tightness of the garment.

Select Colour, Size & Print options below to see measurements & view your selection

Gift Certificate - Moso Morrow
12months Underwear Gift Certificate