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Inspiring women to feel their best every single day

Creating Casual Elegance

We believe that women who feel fabulous and comfortable in their skin can attract more and make the world a better place. 

What we wear makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves, how we carry and the energy we radiate.

Can there be better options to wear so that we can feel our best every single day? 


There is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show that only when we are in a pleasant state of experience our body and our brain work at their best. Making simple choices like avoiding polyester in all it’s forms, choosing clothes that are healthy and indulge your senses, fashion that does not inflict social and physical discomfort or self-conscious beliefs, supporting products that have absorbed the creativity, the love and the hard work of local communities, can feel fabulous and make the world we live in a little better every day…


We started our tiny fashion house to create clothing for a better lifestyle, with better materials, and for a better future so that women can look fabulous and feel it too. Every piece we make is a result of creative work and thoughtful engineering to help you feel better every day.


Better fashion means
  • using replenishing sources for what we take from nature
  • gentler and non-toxic manufacturing processes that can still produce beautiful colours and lush textures
  • supporting local communities
  • contributing to living wages of hard-working people and their craft
  • high-quality long-lasting fashion pieces that you cannot find elsewhere
  • compostable materials and packaging
  • carbon neutral deliveries
  • materials that help you relax and indulge in luxurious touch of premium fabrics
  • versatility and ease of care
  • creative design work and thoughtful engineering
  • love and craftsmanship in every garment


Our inspiration comes from life by the ocean, coastal winds, deserts and sunshine. We create for body freedom, travel, leisure and everyday playful luxury. We love clean exquisite colours that complement diverse skin tones and glow in a day light. 

All our garments are designed and fitted in Sydney with love and care. They are made in small production runs at our hand-picked partners with quality and craftsmanship mainstream fashion cannot afford. Our fabrics are not just luxuriously soft, they are also responsibly sourced, certified as such, and carefully selected for their sustainability and unique properties like being antistatic, antibacterial and flowy. 



We are on a mission to help women feel fabulous and free their wardrobes from gilt and discomfort so they can look and feel their best and make the world a better place. Why wear basics when you can slip into something more comfortable?

Join the tribe and feel the difference!



WHAT we care about

We stand for elegant comfort, sustainable living and body freedom

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Your Comfortable Playful Self

If you want to feel comfortable without looking ordinary, feel fabulous without squeezing into tight pieces, feel quality without harming Earth and Earthlings, you know the challenges. Garments like that are hard to find in the mainstream fashion world right now.

An old wisdom says “If you want something done, do it yourself.” And so we started…

The Problem Of Comfort 

For various social and health reasons a lot of us feel chronically “Uncomfortable”. It is known to hijack focus, use up our energy and generate bad luck anywhere we go. So it makes sense to at least stop torturing ourselves with what we wear and invest in things that help relax and comfort our senses.

“Comfortable” is what we feel not what we wear. To be truly comfortable we need more than things to wear, but it’s a good place to start. Physical comfort improves mood, mental comfort and, as the result, our ability to attract more good things in life.

This is the exact reason why most people choose comfort wear when they get home. This doesn’t make sense though as we need to be comfortable most when we create, interact and explore.

The Problem Of Comfort 

The Problem Of Design


Comfort wear is great for comfort, you guessed. But what if I want to look good too? What if I don’t want cheap quality? This is where it gets tricky. 

Brands that invest meaningfully in design process to create original quality pieces that are also comfortable are much less common.

But we all know that there is no substitute for quality and thoughtful engineering.


The Problem Of Sustainability

True comfort only comes when we can feel good about ourselves. No-one can feel good if at the back of their mind they know that their actions are harming someone else or contributing to deterioration of their own home.

We do not want that for anyone. We care and we chose sustainable.

The problem is that out of brands designing for premium comfort and style, even smaller number designs for true sustainability. Most want to improve by 2030. And that is sad.

The Problem Of Sustainability

The Problem Of Choice


We are all too used to compromise… But maybe we don’t have too? 

The appearance is not just what we see but also what we project. It’s hard to go wrong with projecting comfort, style and a good neighbour vibes. So this is where the bar is set.

We chose comfort, style and being a good neighbour. We hope you will too…


“What we did is very simple


  1. We searched the world for best plant-based fabrics
  2. Found ways to source them responsibly
  3. Created original styles and prints
  4. Perfected the fit and comfort
  5. Added versatility to every design

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“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances”   

– Oscar Wilde

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